Discovered Gold

Walking around the farmers market today and discovered gold. Well almost.. these dog treats are made from all natural ingredients and my dog loves them! They were pretty pricy, but you pay more for better nutrition for your dog. Glad I stumbled upon their booth, and the owner is really educated in nutrition for dogs and very nice. Love your product


My pups fell in love with these yummy treats!
With any other treats they sit and wait for me to hand it to them, but with Pooch and Pawsome treats they refuse to sit and jump with excitement!

I highly recommend buying some for your pup to enjoy!
Let’s not forget they’re homemade and human edible, so you know exactly what your best friend is eating!

Perfect for a Kong

The paw shaped treats fit perfectly inside our large kong! I dont often find treats that fit inside and stay inside long enough for fun playtime, because the hardened treats crush too easily when he bites down on the toy. This fits inside but makes him work harder to crush the kong in just the right spot to break the treat up. PLUS the treat is much healthier! Win win!

Nothing but Praise!!!!

My little guy is one finicky pup and he has gone totally nuts over these treats! We have tried all of them and I can honestly say that he devours them all the same lol. I encountered these at the farmers market and was a bit skeptical at first because I had not heard of the company nor seen them in any retail establishments. I opted to go out on a limb and also wanted to support the nice young lady at the booth(owner Melanie). I am so glad that I did! I am planning to buy a bunch and ship off to my mother, whom also has a finicky little guy. Be warned, buy a few bags at a time because running out is not an option lol!!!

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